Offset the carbon footprint of your own event: Our cooperation with Wilderness International

Sustainability is without question a huge trend in the event scene and has also been a concern of ours for a very long time. We, the C3 Chemnitzer Veranstaltungszentren Chemnitz GmbH, welcome every step in this direction, whether it's sustainable catering, hybrid event forms or energy-efficient equipment with corresponding sustainable power supply. We have already drawn attention to sustainable events in the past. With our Carlowitz Congress Centre Chemnitz, which has been specially converted and renovated for sustainability, we also offer the perfect location for sustainable events. Nevertheless, many events produce so-called "unavoidable greenhouse gases", which make it difficult to achieve true climate neutrality. To solve this problem as well, we want to go one step further and take responsibility. This is where Wilderness International comes in!

Our cooperation with Wilderness International

Which project you use to offset thecarbon footprint of your event is entirely up to you. If you lack the ideas, it is worth taking a look at the guidelines for the sustainable organisation of events by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection. We have decided to cooperate with Wilderness International. Together with our clients, we want to take responsibility for our impact on nature and the climate by protecting valuable primeval forests. What we particularly like about the project is that by focusing on virgin forests,CO2 remains bound in living biomass and habitats and biodiversity are permanently preserved. We support either through an individually calculated contribution or simplified through 1€ per congress guest and day. This cooperation is a big part of our commitment to climate neutrality, but we do much more!

River in the rainforest, Source: Media Kit

What is Wilderness International?

Wilderness International, together with its Canadian sister foundation "Wilderness International (Canada)", acquires the pristine rainforest areas on the west coast of Canada with the help of donations. Wilderness International, together with its sister foundation "Wilderness International (Peru)", is also acquiring the pristine areas of primary rainforest in Peru. The forest areas are purchased through land registration, refinanced through donations and protected and preserved in the long term. Wilderness International is a registered charitable foundation under civil law.

Application area_Canada
Operational area Wilderness International Canada, Source: Media Kit
Operational area Wilderness International Peru, Source: Media Kit

How can Wilderness International help with the problem of unavoidable greenhouse gases?

The first step in taking responsibility is to know how big our owncarbon footprint actually is. As soon as we make our own impact on the atmosphere tangible with numbers, we can work on offsetting it. The CO2 calculator for events from Wilderness International is particularly helpful for this. Here, organisers of events, festivals, conferences and trade fairs of all kinds can calculate their own emissions. The whole thing works quickly and easily thanks to the pre-entered average values. If you still want to know exactly, you can also use the detailed queries. This calculation takes a little more time, but is all the more precise for it.

Rainforest in fog
Rainforest in fog, Source: Media Kit

Green Globe Certification

Green Globe is a global programme for the structured certification and assessment of sustainability leadership in the tourism, travel and events industry. First awarded for our Carlowitz Congress Centre in 2020, we are very proud to have received Green Globe certification again in 2022. For this, a catalogue of more than 300 criteria from all areas of sustainability had to be fulfilled, from ecological criteria to sustainable cleaning materials to employee health and the assumption of social responsibility. We are intensively dedicated to the topic of sustainability and strive for a continuous improvement process in all criteria of the catalogue despite the existing certification.

Our bee colonies

A location in the middle of the city does not have to mean that nature falls by the wayside. That's why four bee colonies (equivalent to about 120,000 bees) have the opportunity to find a new home on the roof of the Carlowitz Congress Centre. With the swarms, we want to make a small contribution to the protection of the endangered insect and counteract the decline of the worldwide bee population. In order to be able to look after our buzzing colleagues properly and professionally, we have been receiving active support since 2020 from the sustainability group of the Dr.-Wilhelm-André-Gymnasiumunder the direction of the two teachers Ms Rößler and Mr Schmidt. We also work together with the regional beekeepers' association Chemnitz 1874 e.V.. In 2021, we were able to obtain honey for the first time and use it bottled in small jars to pass on to congress organisers and in our own guest gifts.

Beehive on the roof
Marko Roscher (on the left in the picture, Sustainability Manager of C³ GmbH) and the two teachers Mr Schmidt and Ms Rößner check the beehive on the roof of the Stadthalle/Carlowitz Congress Centre building complex. Source: Media Kit

Living sustainability as a principle with an exemplary effect

Commitment in the field of sustainability should become the new standard for the event industry. We are convinced that we should all take responsibility for ourcarbon footprints together. The cooperation with Wilderness International is therefore a matter close to our hearts. But our efforts do not stop there, both our bee colonies and the Green Globe certification are exemplary for many more of our efforts. Even large events can be held in a climate-neutral way and with a clear conscience - you just have to know how!

Do you have questions about the topic or would you like to get involved yourself? Feel free to contact us!

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